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At 4566m, Mount Meru is the fifth highest mountain on the African continent and the second highest in Tanzania. About 250 000 years ago, a massive volcanic blast blew away the entire eastern side of the mountain and left it with the characteristic and distinctive appearance it has today.

The Mt. Meru climb passes through many different vegetation zones. The dry forest of the lower region gives way to a dense mountain rainforest, which then turns into a scrubland.

About Mt. Meru Trekking

Mount Meru is an active stratovolcano located 70 kilometres west of Mount Kilimanjaro in the nation of Tanzania. Much of its bulk lost about 8,000 years ago due to an eastward volcanic blast. Mount Meru most recently had a minor eruption in 1910. The several small cones and craters are seen in the vicinity probably reflect numerous episodes of volcanic activity.

Mount Meru is one of Africa’s most beautiful volcanoes, and it is the second highest mountain in Tanzania at 4,5685m, the fifth highest in Africa. The peak located within Arusha National Park, Tanzania’s gem. This prime location gives walkers the opportunity to spot some of the birds and wildlife that inhabit the area.

The ascent is quite steep, the route to the summit passes over streams, through parkland, montane forest, a giant heather zone and moorland. The summit reached by a narrow, barren ridge, which provides stunning views of the Ash Cone lying several thousand feet below in the crater.

Weather permitting, Kilimanjaro can seen in the West. There are two huts available to climbers on the mountain and firewood is supplied. The best time to climb Meru is between October and February. But also, June to September, while it is colder then. Please click here to contact us for the tailor made itinerary, price or more information about this trip.


Day 1 : Moshi – Mount Meru

Departure from Moshi and transfer to Momella Gate early in the morning. 3 to 4 hours climb to Miriakamba Hut (2500m) 500m gradient. Night at Miriakamba Hut.

Day 2 : Mount Meru

Through a tropical forest, we walk to Saddle Hut (3750m). From here it is possible to get to the Little Mount Meru and back. Gradient of 1200m going up and 6 hours walk. Add 2 hours walk and 300m gradient for the Little Meru Peak. Night at Saddle Hut

DAY 3 : Mount Meru

Departure during the night for the final climb. Reach the summit (4566m) through a path that follows the crater curve. Enjoy a view on the whole Masai Land and the Kilimanjaro. Walk down through Miriakamba Hut until Momella Gate. Welcome and Transfer by car back to Moshi.

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